Saturday, July 27, 2013

White Nose news

Somewhat hopeful news is on the front for White Nose Syndrome, the mysterious and deadly disease that has been wiping out bats across the United States. Scientists have isolated and named several close relatives of the fungus thought to be infecting the bats, Geomyces destructans.

"According to a new report in the journal Fungal Biology, biologists from the US Forest Service have identified several benign relatives of the fungus that is believed to cause the disease.

'Identification of the closest known relatives of this fungus makes it possible to move forward with genetic work to examine the molecular toolbox this fungus uses to kill bats,' said study co-author Daniel Lindner, a research plant pathologist with the Forest Service. 'Ultimately, we hope to use this information to be able to interrupt the ability of this fungus to cause disease.' "

Important information to uncover - bats are essential in keeping insect populations in check. We don't have much time to lose.

Relatives of White Nose Syndrome Found, May Help Find a Cure

Monday, July 22, 2013

"Herb Experts" radio spot is up and ready for the listen

My friend Erika May - also a classmate of mine from Carnegie Mellon University - produces the terrific kids' radio program Saturday Light Brigade, and recently interviewed me and some other folks about the use of herbs in our life for a series called "Herb Experts."

Erika spoke with a great variety of folks using and appreciating herbs in their daily lives, including health professionals, cosmeticians, gardeners, farmers, and people like me, who have a real passion (obsession?) for cooking. I talked about my cookbook, A Time to Eat, which I wrote as a fundraiser and introduction into the world of fresh-food cooking for the exhibition A Matter of Convenience. (I'm still selling copies, so if you'd like one, just shoot me an email at maria [dot] mangano [at] gmail [dot] com. They're $10 plus shipping.)

You can listen to everyone's interview here at this link. I'm about halfway down the page.