Thursday, April 16, 2009

New pieces at Group A opening

Pictures of my work in the Group A show, "Eye Candy," that opened last month at the Brew House's Space 101 Gallery. I printed my own engravings of bugs and used collage from beauty and fitness magazines (the first a women's beauty mag, the second a men's muscle mag) to add color and tie the pieces into the show's theme (the impact of mass media on the idea of human beauty).

A shot of Hog-noses, Knotty-horns, and Eyespots:

and the other one, Bluebottles:

The Brew House, where we had the show, is a non-profit organization in a really interesting old building that was once the home of the Duquesne Brewery. There's Space 101 Gallery, artists' studios, and a theatre, which is the home of Pittsburgh's annual Black Sheep Puppet Festival.


  1. I like the combination of natural and unnatural, and the way you can't tell the difference until you get up close. I also like the purty colors :)

  2. Thanks! It's a big part of the meaning of the piece. It was fun to cut out abs and pecs and glue them onto carapaces, too.
    I wish the photos were a bit clearer but I had to borrow Dave's camera, as mine has malfunctioned in a very permanent way.