Friday, April 22, 2011

Hibernaculum installation at Crazy Mocha

Here are some newer, better (sorta) pictures of the bat installation I did at Crazy Mocha Bloomfield. The piece was de-installed last night to make room for a new show opening this week, but it - or something like it - will likely reappear in my future works. I used this as a sort of installation "sketch" for what I'm thinking about at Fe Gallery for this fall.


  1. very the bat clusters!
    I need to get in to the burgh a little more often...if I could get a bank loan for my gas cost...hmmmm.

  2. hey, i just stumbled upon your blog from linkedin. sweet bats! the layered effect really works on the yellow wall. crazy mocha should relocate them to the ceiling

  3. Thanks guys! and Kyle ... I feel the gas pain. All I do is city driving nowadays and it KILLS my mileage. time to start bicycling to work again.