Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Paper bats

Just a quick update on the paper hibernaculum project - my bats came back today from Laser Lab Studio in Bloomfield and they look terrific. I'm really excited to start putting them all together to make the piece... and anyone who saw my locust installation knows I'm almost crying with joy over the time this will save me. Time I can spend constructing and eventually installing the piece, instead of cutting out a zillion paper shapes and giving myself carpal tunnel in the process. Hooray for technology!


  1. I'm intrigued -- what did they cut? Many layers of newspaper according to a template you gave them?

  2. Hey Marty! I did give him a template that I made in Illustrator. He's able to cut most of the book in a single stack. The ones in this picture are from a book called "The Uncivilized Races" written in the 1870s by a British traveler. I've gotten another batch done since then, made out of books all dealing with natural history/man's impact on the earth: Native Trees of Canada, An Introduction to Forestry, Endangered Species around the World, An Introduction to Evolution, and several scientific journals. They're all too outdated to have intrinsic scientific value but the subjects seemed appropriate.