Friday, October 14, 2011

Native American Speaker Reflects at "Reflections" Show

Reflections: Homage to Dunkard Creek is the show I contributed a mussel-themed piece to, currently on display in West Virginia.

Ann Payne, organizer and curator of the exhibition, writes:

Crayfish, a water-soluble pencil painting by Jana Matusz

A free public reception will be held at Arts Monongahela to honor Joe
Candillo, this year’s principal speaker at the 2011 Peace Tree
Ceremony hosted by the WVU Native American Studies Program.  The 5:30
p.m reception for Mr. Candillo is scheduled for Tuesday, October 25th at
Arts Monongahela’s Jackson Kelly Gallery, 201 High Street.  

Mr. Candillo’s reception and remarks will take place amidst the
artwork of Reflections: Homage to Dunkard Creek, a collaborative art
exhibit honoring 90 animal species that perished in the 2009 poisoning
of Dunkard Creek, a West Virginia and Pennsylvania stream.  The area
surrounding Dunkard Creek was once home to the Monongahela People, a
late woodland Native American culture.  Reflections: Homage to Dunkard
Creek’s 90 participating artists are all practicing artists whose
lives are connected to the Monongahela Watershed.

Following the reception at 6 p.m., Candillo will share some traditional
Native American perspectives about the role of humans in the natural
environment and the idea of respect for each other and all of creation. 
Candillo, a member of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe, is currently completing
his Ph.D in American Studies at Buffalo, NY.  In addition to his
education in anthropology and American Indian Studies, Candillo has
worked as an artist, curator, and exhibit designer.  Reflections: Homage
to Dunkard Creek is sponsored by The Mountain Institute:  Appalachia

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