Monday, May 14, 2012

hibernaculum statement

I wrote a statement for my hibernaculum installation. I don't typically write statements for individual pieces, but as this one is installed in a public location without a gallery attendant or anyone to pass on my contact information, I still wanted to be able to communicate to people viewing the piece. I've pasted it below for the benefit of those not able to see the installation in person.

hibernaculum is an installation responding to the epidemic of White Nose Syndrome, an invasive disease with a 90% mortality rate that has been spreading through bat colonies in North America since 2008. The thousands of paper bat silhouettes that comprise this work are cut from old and discarded scientific texts. As I follow the slow pace of research of White Nose, I am reminded that intense study and voluminous data do not always fully illuminate a dynamic and complex universe. The materials and methods used in this work are a meditation on the (f)utility of scientific information and our attempts to understand a world that is changing faster than we can identify causes, effects, or solutions.

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