Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Art You've Been Waiting For

I've got new prints hot off the press, but haven't taken pictures yet. In the meantime, I wanted to write about a piece of art that was here on Monday . . . the Porta-Hedge!

Bringing the outside to the inside, and vice versa, it's a trailer disguised as topiary with artificial Christmas tree foliage. It's supplied with field and wildlife guides, blackboards, peepholes to the outside, a small video screen for viewing footage of the trailer's four hidden cameras, and a bathroom. Plus real plants. Below, a shot of the interior.

Porta-Hedge is the work of Justin Shull, a fellow Chautauqua alum ('03 and '07), and you can read about it and its upcoming US tour here.

Also, here's a picture of a new etching I'm working on, based on an afore-posted sketchbook drawing.

More pictures of new work coming soon!

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