Monday, July 27, 2009

Whatever you do in life, think higher and feel deeper.

Today I stuffed myself into the very packed Amphitheater to attend a lecture by Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, humanitarian, journalist, professor, and author of Night, his memoir about surviving Auschwitz and other concentration camps during the Holocaust.
His talk explored what makes humans moral. It was a complex subject - and a complex talk - that I won't try to write much about, except to reiterate the most important of his points that I took away from the talk (one of those is the title of this post); those being, that morality stems from respecting the Otherness of the Other. Also, he spoke about how morality, and right/wrong, is above all governments, all societies, and maybe even our human perception of God and the way his/her good/evil is represented through religion to us. He spoke about how everyone, athiests, agnostics, and people of all faiths, have an ability to be moral, and that morality isn't something that is learned or exists only in a religious context.

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