Saturday, July 25, 2009

c-town as usual

Not too much exciting news to post. Been busy with class, so no new pieces to post. WNED, the Buffalo public radio/tv station, was hanging around Chautauqua shooting a documentary for PBS that will air next fall. I shot some pictures of the Ceramic department's raku firing that you can check out over at Kyle's blog.
We're officially half done with the season; our print instructor, Craig Taylor, is leaving today, so I'm on my own as far as maintaining the studio and helping the students for the rest of the summer.
I'm out for the weekend - Sara Gibson, my roommate from when I was up here last summer, is visiting.
I'll leave you with some shots of Diana, our work study, and Tom Raneses, our instructor for weeks 1 and 2, hard at work . . .

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  1. I spy the pollen balls you gave me :) At the moment they live on my spice shelf.